Energy Democracy, NYRenews – April/February 2018 Action

What is Energy Democracy?


Energy Democracy: a political, economic, social, and cultural concept that merges the technological energy transition from extractive to regenerative energy sources with a strengthening of democracy and public participation. Works to build resilient communities while remembering class, power, accountability, urgency, and the wisdom of Indigenous communities.


NYRenews February Action

One of our major Energy Democracy campaigns is working with NYRenews, a coalition of labor unions, community groups, environmental organizations, faith communities, and environmental justice advocates who are pushing for the New York Legislature to pass a law that would put New York on track to run on 100% renewable energy by 2050 in all sectors. We are also advocating for a “polluter pays” law, which would help fund the renewable energy economy by making polluters pay for the damage they’re doing to our climate and our communities.


On February 27th , over 30 PUSH members joined our NYRenews partners for a day of action in Albany. Led by PUSH Community Organizer Geovaira (Geo) Hernández, the NYRenews Coalition interrupted the New York Budget Hearing on Environmental Conservation and demanded that our voices be heard.

Check out Geovaira speaking truth to power here:


Geo tells the regulators, we will be back in Albany demanding that Governor Cuomo and New York lawmakers lead the way towards a renewable energy future and supports those communities most impacted by pollution from dirty energy sources.

Cuomo Walk the Talk on April 23rd

On April 23rd, 2018 (the day after Earth Day!), PUSH Buffalo joined New Yorkers from across the state to descend on Albany to tell Governor Cuomo to walk the talk on climate by:


  • Stopping all fracking infrastructure projects
  • Moving to 100% renewable energy
  • Making corporate polluters pay

Here’s an episode of #Thepushback that covers in video some scenes from the action