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Kresge Foundation awards $400,000 grant to PUSH Buffalo to advance community development through arts and culture

Kresge Foundation awards $400,000 grant to PUSH Buffalo to advance community development through arts and culture   The Kresge Foundation has awarded People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo) a $400,000 grant as part of a new Creative Placemaking initiative, Building and Supporting Equitable Development (BASED), which seeks to advance community development through arts and culture.   This $8 million effort is led by Kresge’s Arts & Culture Program as part of its ongoing work to position culture and creativity as

Organizing for Economic Justice in Buffalo

The Fight of Local Residents to Establish Community Control, Self Determination BRIDGING THE DIVIDE WITH AN INTERSECTIONAL MOVEMENT, THE GREEN DEVELOPMENT ZONE As the deputy director of movement building at PUSH Buffalo, Harper Bishop believes the people closest to the challenges have the best solutions. For over 10 years, he has been fighting alongside marginalized groups in Buffalo to see more mixed income neighborhoods, affordable housing closer to jobs and transit, and economic and environmental justice.   “We believe that their

Housing Justice for All Launches 2020 NYS Legislative Campaign With Statewide Day of Action

#NYHomesGuarantee Platform Calls On Albany To Enact “Good Cause” Eviction Legislation And Home Stability Support; Bolster Funding For Public Housing; And Act Immediately On Other Housing Priorities   (BUFFALO OR NYC) – The Housing Justice For All campaign – a coalition of over 70 organizations that represent tenants and homeless New Yorkers from across the State — unveiled its 2020 New York State legislative agenda tonight, which seeks to build on the historic housing reforms enacted into law this past June.

Donate: Help our youth at GSNC “Catwalk” into their new Fashion and Design Program!

The Fashion and Design Program was designed with and for the young people who make the GSNC a vibrant and beautiful community hub on the West Side. This program will create a space for youth to bring their passion for fashion alive while learning new skills in the whole spectrum of the fashion industry from design, construction, photography, sustainability, and community building. These folks have a vision to not only share who they are as individuals but also the richness of

Another Voice: Superfund program is best option for Tonawanda Coke site

The Tonawanda Coke site was sold this week. For decades, Tonawanda Coke was responsible for spewing carcinogens into our air, waste into our water, toxins into the soil, and for the deaths of employees.   This contamination did not start with Tonawanda Coke. Honeywell, formally Allied Chemical, sold the site in the 1970s. Honeywell remains responsible for the site today, unless New York State allows them to walk.   In the spring, Honeywell hired e3communications, who relentlessly lobbied elected officials to

What Time is it on the Clock of the World?

Community Commentary by Harper Bishop Authored for Buffalo Arts Studio   American revolutionary Grace Lee Boggs famously said, “What time is it on the clock of the world?”   This question is not merely a philosophical one, but one to be answered with action, which is why it has been adopted by so many within the ecological justice movement to address the global climate crisis and the solutions necessary to save the human species from extinction.   It is within that

Ismail Willie Johnson: Historian, Activist, Musician and Singer

RiseUp is having a dance party to celebrate the life of Ismail Johnson on Friday, October 4, 2019, from 9:00PM to 1:00AM at the Colored Musicians Club of Buffalo, NY.   By PUSH Co-Founder, Aaron Bartley,   Not long after Eric and I and a few friends started knocking on doors as part of PUSH’s first neighborhood canvass about 14 years ago, we came across a woman walking down Parkdale on her way to Grant Street.  We introduced ourselves as community

Another Voice: Buffalo tax reassessment will widen income inequality. (Buffalo News)

By John Washington This post was originally published in The Buffalo News: Another Voice: Buffalo tax reassessment will widen income inequality.   The City of Buffalo’s Assessment and Taxation Department has publicly stated that the goal of the 2020 tax reassessment is to ensure that property owners pay only their fair share of property taxes.   Given that there hasn’t been a tax reassessment in the city of Buffalo for 18 years, on its face that would seem reasonable. The reality

Want to start a co-op project? This Buffalo-based program will teach you how. (Biz Journals)

Budding entrepreneurs in Buffalo are being invited to a new program that will help them explore the philosophy and practice of a worker-owned cooperative.   The twelve-week Cooperative Academy will take place each Tuesday from Oct. 1 to Dec. 17 with instruction from experts in business development, finance, government, democratic decision-making and participatory management.   A worker cooperative is a business owned and controlled by workers, each of whom is given a decision-making role.   “There are successful worker cooperatives in

Harper Bishop: Community-Controlled Economies Drive Systems Change (BALLE Views)

Harper Bishop, Deputy Director of Movement Building (Thursday, August 15, 2019)   Time and again it has been the radical political imagination of grassroots leaders from marginalized communities armed with the truth of their lived experience who have confronted oppressive systems through building collective power that allows for community-controlled systems to take root. Communities across the country — like Buffalo, New York, Springfield, Massachusetts, and Jackson, Mississippi — are organizing for a New Economy that centers people on the front lines