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Harper Bishop: Community-Controlled Economies Drive Systems Change (BALLE Views)

Harper Bishop, Deputy Director of Movement Building (Thursday, August 15, 2019)   Time and again it has been the radical political imagination of grassroots leaders from marginalized communities armed with the truth of their lived experience who have confronted oppressive systems through building collective power that allows for community-controlled systems to take root. Communities across the country — like Buffalo, New York, Springfield, Massachusetts, and Jackson, Mississippi — are organizing for a New Economy that centers people on the front lines
Harper Bishop was featured in the July 2019 edition of Buffalo Spree.

Q & A with Harper S.E. Bishop (Buffalo Spree)

Doing whatever it takes Buffalo Spree, July 2019   As a basketball player at Houghton College, Harper Bishop lost an athletic scholarship when he was outed as queer to a hidebound administration. Bishop, now thirty-four, was galvanized into activism. “I learned that solidarity lies with others who are marginalized and oppressed,” says Bishop, who identifies as trans and references his past with the initials that stand for his birth name, Sarah Elizabeth. A political science major in college who’d planned on

Today in New York State… Planet First, People Second

Historic climate legislation a big WIN for the planet; partial victory for frontline communities in NYS   At PUSH Buffalo, we have come to recognize that a transition to a 100% renewable energy economy is inevitable, while justice is not. With the passage of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) in the NYS Legislature this week, real people exercising real power proved that the arc of the political universe in NYS could be bent toward climate justice. This outcome

PUSH Joins More Than 1000 Grassroots Leaders In Washington D.C. for the People’s Wave Convention.

  “The future is ours, and we are taking it back through organizing.” – Celi Tamayo-Lee, San Francisco Rising Christian Parra lead the Roll Call at the 2019 People’s Wave commencement. Last month we had a powerful experience at the People’s Action 2019 Convention – The People’s Wave that took place from April 28th through the 30th in Washington DC. PUSH Buffalo brought 100 community leaders on two buses to the Convention. It was an honor to be able to spend

Luz Velez Gives CCPA Testimony in NYC

[Testimony by PUSH Buffalo member Luz Velez before the Assembly Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation on May 17, 2019 in New York City. The purpose of the hearing was to examine how best to address the impacts of climate change on communities and the workforce]   Good afternoon. My name is Luz Velez. Thank you for giving me a voice at this very important hearing. I am a resident of Buffalo, NY and a proud member of PUSH Buffalo, a grassroots

Movement Generation Comes to Buffalo

  On Thursday, May 16 Oakland-based Movement Generation came to Buffalo to lead a week-long Justice & Ecology Retreat combining in-depth discussions with interactive presentations and trainings by organizers and innovators on ecological, economic, and social justice.   According to Movement Generation, during the retreat Movement Generation and PUSH will be, “exploring the economic, cultural, political, and ecological contours of the systemic crisis we face.”  We are grappling with the scale, pace and implications of the crisis through multiple lenses such

Advocate’s Podcast Helps Keep Environmental Issues ‘Alive’

Evans works with PUSH to confront social problems that impact community   By Benjamin Blanchet Sun Correspondent   Laura Evans has always found a way to help, both at home and around the country.   Evans was a peer listener at Hamburg High School in the early 2000s.   She sent public comments to the Environmental Protection Agency, urging them to have more stringent air quality standards.   And today, the attorney works for PUSH Buffalo and shares the stories of