Creating Jobs

We work hard to create relationships with certified and accredited contractors who perform quality work and who understand the needs of our members. PUSH supports contractors that are Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® qualified and employ staff that are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). Additionally, we recognize contractors that uphold community benefit standards that include paying workers family sustaining wages and the hiring of potential employees from our neighborhoods.

In working with us, people know that they are investing in a better future for Buffalo’s West Side. We work with local residents and contractors to lay the foundation for a Community Jobs Pipeline — a strategy to engage low-income communities of color and disconnected workers in the struggle to create an equitable community-controlled energy efficiency economy.


How do we go about building a better Community Jobs Pipeline?

Building a Community Jobs Pipeline requires transformation of the local consumer market for energy efficiency services. We need to create customer demand in order to create jobs for trainees, workers and, ultimately, contractors. PUSH and our new energy efficiency program, PUSH Green, provides opportunities for workforce volunteers to engage in customer outreach campaigns in neighborhoods across the West Side and Erie County to educate homeowners about the benefits of energy efficiency improvements.  Click here to download our PUSH Green Progress Report.

The Community Jobs Pipeline combines conventional workforce development activities – recruitment, referral, job development and placement – with opportunities for community building and leadership development.


How do we create more green jobs?

For starters, add up all the values and activities of our Green Development Zone:

Principles + People power + Community control + Land improvement + Housing rehabilitation = JOBS

To create new jobs, PUSH has focused on expanding the local weatherization and rehabilitation business. Thanks to the large number of housing projects in our growing Green Development Zone, PUSH has been able to call on a substantial network of high-road contractors who are committed to hiring new workers – specially neighborhood youth – from the community.


So, what is PUSH’s Community Jobs Pipeline?

It’s simple,

Empowerment for youth + Job training = new opportunities for work in the Green Development Zone and beyond = PUSH Buffalo’s Community Jobs Pipeline.