Donate: Help our youth at GSNC “Catwalk” into their new Fashion and Design Program!

The Fashion and Design Program was designed with and for the young people who make the GSNC a vibrant and beautiful community hub on the West Side. This program will create a space for youth to bring their passion for fashion alive while learning new skills in the whole spectrum of the fashion industry from design, construction, photography, sustainability, and community building. These folks have a vision to not only share who they are as individuals but also the richness of their cultures through their clothing and stories.

In a world with so much suffering and injustice, these dynamic and resilient leaders have identified an outlet for joy, community organizing and resistance through self-expression and cultural sharing. Too often fashion is seen as frivolous and unimportant, but these folks are making a statement that what’s often seen as “women’s work” is radical work and they’re going to have a good time doing it! 

Help us make this vision a reality by signing up to fundraise with us or making a donation, today!

Please, please, please become an early adopter of this program and share with all of your people as well. This is a major opportunity for our young people, particularly young women and members of the LGBTQ community, to have a space to call their own.