Youth Climate Strike Hits Buffalo and Beyond



On Friday March 15th, 2019 over 40 youth walked out of school in Buffalo, NY on a #Strike4Climate! They joined thousands of others internationally striking for equitable climate action! We are so inspired and fortified in our collective learning, teaching, and grounding of what a JUST TRANSITION looks like. We gathered at City Hall and called for action from our local elected officials, sharing stories of how we must take a stand for climate justice!! They made it nice and clear: “we aren’t backing down – you either stand for justice, or get brought down for corruption, lack of action, and profit driven greed”!

These youth have committed to walking out every single Friday!!!! Why!!?? Because they understand that our lives, our health, our natural resources, our present and our futures are at stake!

Here are links to press about this in Buffalo and around the world.  To stay in the loop and take action on climate related events here in Buffalo, in New York State, and the rest of the world, please get in contact with PUSH Buffalo Energy Organizer Geo Hernandez at

#PassTheCCPA #NTRenews #Buffalo