The mission of PUSH Buffalo is to mobilize residents to create strong neighborhoods with quality, affordable housing; to expand local hiring opportunities; and to advance economic and environmental justice in Buffalo.


Aaron Bartley and Eric Walker founded PUSH in 2005. PUSH Buffalo was established to: create strong neighborhoods with quality affordable housing; decrease the rate of housing abandonment by reclaiming empty houses from neglectful public and private owners and redeveloping them for occupancy by low-income residents; and develop neighborhood leaders capable of gaining community control over the development process and planning for the future of the neighborhood.

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Vision Statement

PUSH’s members are the community organizers who make affordable housing a reality in Buffalo. Our members work with partners and funders to create a healthy, just and strong city that includes community control of resources, living wage jobs and access to quality education, healthcare and transportation.


Real people have real power.


We know what we want where we live.


We deserve a seat at the table.


When turning our neighborhoods around, we are all in this together.


When we show up in big numbers, people listen.


Member Involvement – We base our decisions on member participation and consideration of alternatives.


Inclusiveness – We encourage a diversity of opinions.


Ownership – We take advantage of opportunities to create and control community resources.


Results Oriented – Our plan is an accomplishment – we have outlined a series of measurable goals and outcomes that will ultimately lead to results.


Relevant – We will respond to changing political and social climates by evaluating trends that are prevalent to the goals and objectives of our organization.


Justice – We are committed to promoting social justice that gives real power to real people.


Create strong neighborhoods.


Develop neighborhood leaders.


Decrease the rate of housing abandonment.


Create a solar future independent from utilities.


Build a more democratic, action-orientated organization that addresses poor housing conditions and the lack of living wage jobs in our neighborhoods.


Decrease the rate of housing abandonment by reclaiming properties from neglectful public and private owners and redeveloping them for occupancy.


Lead direct action campaigns against corporations and government agencies whose practices contribute to the high poverty rate in our community.


Create a replicable model of grassroots neighborhood organizing and redevelopment that can be deployed in other low-income communities throughout the Rust Belt.