PUSH Maintenance Line: 716-828-4091



Rahwa Ghirmatzion

Executive Director

716-884-0356 ext. 201


Harper Bishop

Deputy Director of Movement Building

716-884-0356 ext. 202


Dawn Wells-Clyburn

Deputy Director of Administration

716-884-0356 ext. 229


Samantha Peterson-Borins

Equitable Development Planner

716-884-0356 ext. 200

Funding & Development

Emily Louis

Events Coordinator/Development Consultant

Finance & Administration

Steve Freebern

Finance Controller

716-884-0356 ext. 243


Mike Etu

Interim Controller/Consultant CFO Services


Mary Davis

Human Resources Consultant – Employment Services Corporation (Subcontractor)



Genise Thomas

Grant Accountant

716-884-0356 ext. 238


Roberta Cesar

Finance Administrator

716-884-0356 ext. 236


Nikki Mial

Accounts Receivables Specialist

716-884-0356 ext. 234


Dawn (Delta) Wilson

Accounts Payables Specialist

716-884-0356 ext. 235

Policy and Strategy

Clarke Gocker

Director of Policy and Strategy

716-884-0356 ext. 230


Lonnie Barlow

Communications Specialist

716-884-0356 ext. 233


John Bono

Information Technology and Interaction Design Specialist

716-884-0356 ext. 242


Laura Evans

Community Energy Specialist

716-884-0356 ext. 213

PUSH Green

Natalie Correa-Rodriguez

Program Manager

716-884-0356 ext. 210


Luana DeJesus

Community Energy Advisor

716-884-0356 ext. 215


Jason Posner

Community Energy Advisor (Western New York Region)

716-884-0356 ext. 214


Vacant (now hiring)

Push Green Program Assistant


John Washington

Co-Director of Organizing

716-884-0356 ext. 224


Emily Terrana

Co-Director of Organizing

716-884-0356 ext. 231


Christian Parra

Field Organizing Manager

716-884-0356 ext. 225


Tyrell Ford

Lead Street Team Organizer


Leviticus Burrell-Cook

Street Team


Kawiye Jumale

Street Team


Geovaira Hernandez

Climate Justice Organizer

716-884-0356 ext. 228


Kat Cejka

Community Data and Logistics Organizer


Aminah Johnson

Tenant Advocate

716-884-0356 ext. 218

Grant Street Neighborhood Center (GSNC)

Aweso Salim

GSNC Program Manager

716-884-0356 ext. 300


Malik Cheney

GSNC Program Manager

716-884-0356 ext. 300


Boncko Ba

GSNC Team Member

716-884-0356 ext. 300

Planning and Community Development

Jenifer Kaminsky

Director of Planning and Community Development

716-884-0356 ext. 206


Vacant (now hiring)

Senior Community Development Project Manager


De’yron Tabb

Community Development Project Manager

716-884-0356 ext. 207

Property Management

PUSH Maintenance Line 716-828-4091

Diego Carrasquillo

Property Manager

716-884-0356 ext. 203


Jonathon Lewis

Maintenance Superintendent



Karl Medley

Maintenance Laborer


Rodney Rainey

Maintenance Laborer/Workforce Coordinator

716-884-0356 ext. 212

New Economy

Bryana DiFonzo

Director of New Economy

716-884-0356 ext. 240


Andrew Delmonte

Director of Cooperative Development

716-884-0356 ext. 241


Sage Green

Sustainability Specialist

716-884-0356 ext. 232

Hiring Hall

Rodney Rainey

Workforce Coordinator/Maintenance Laborer

716-884-0356 ext. 212


Michael Brundige

Hiring Hall Management and Training (Subcontractor)




Sustainable Landscape Project Manager


Nathan Gardner

Green Infrastructure Landscape Maintenance Worker

716-884-0356 ext. 208


Green Infrastructure Manager