Welcome To

School 77

Hours of Operation: 9AM – 5PM

Tenants: PUSH Buffalo, Ujima Theatre, Peace of the City

About the Building

School 77 is an 80,000-square-foot former Buffalo Public School built in 1927, located on the West Side of Buffalo. School 77 was closed and abandoned for nearly six years, but PUSH and the community have now transformed it into solar-powered affordable senior apartments and a community center.


School 77 includes:

  • 30 energy efficient, affordable apartments for seniors
  • The home base of PUSH Buffalo
  • The home base of Peace of the City
  • A black-box theatre and the home base of Ujima Theatre Company
  • A shared gymnasium with community programming
  • Additional community meeting spaces
  • A 64-Kw community solar array, which provides energy for the building and the senior apartment tenants
  • A green roof, which absorbs rain water and curbs combined sewage overflows
  • Eco-landscaping around the building, which also curbs combined sewage overflows

For more information about housing see: Affordable Housing.

Planned by the Community

When private developers began eyeing the abandoned School 77 for high-end loft apartments several years ago, the community mobilized and pushed the City of Buffalo to place a 1-year moratorium on the sale of building while the community came up with a plan. Neighbors worked with PUSH alongside local, state, and national organizations to finance and redevelop the building. With input from more than 800 community residents and the PUSH Community Development Committee, School 77 is now renovated, open, and ready to serve the Buffalo community.