Connecting reliable employees to sustainable jobs

Established in 2014, PUSH’s Community Hiring Hall focuses on establishing new pathways to work for under- and unemployed Buffalo residents. To date, we’ve trained over 224 workers and employed over 48 workers with companies across WNY.

PUSH can make hiring local talent easy, providing trained workers for emerging green construction trends.

Why work with the PUSH Community Hiring Hall?

PUSH staff work with our local community members to connect skilled workers and general laborers to local building projects, particularly in the green technology field. Such efforts are part of PUSH’s overall community jobs pipeline strategy of engaging low-income communities of color and disconnected workers in the struggle to create an equitable community-controlled green economy. This work builds the region’s capacity to continue building and maintaining this infrastructure, while helping employers meet equitable workforce and first source hiring goals. For more information, please contact Bryana DiFonzo at or 716-884-0356 ext. 240.

What We Do

    1. Act as employer of record
    2. Recruit, screen, hire, manage, and provide progressive discipline for employees
    3. Administer timesheets, payroll, general liability and worker’s compensation insurance, etc
    4. Coordinate free training in both general and specialized credentials
    5. Provide wraparound support for employees, including transportation costs & financial literacy
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Rodney Rainey
(PUSH Workforce Coordinator)
716-884-0356 ext. 212

Are you an incredible human looking for a good job that also helps your community?

Check out our current job openings and get started today!

PUSH staff can work with you on a personal employment plan and connect you to trainings and paid positions. To find out who’s hiring today, please contact Rodney Rainey at 716-884-0356 ext. 212.

Looking to enhance your skills or break into a new industry? PUSH offers certifications in a variety of construction trades and emerging industries.

Why get certified? Build the change you want to see in the world!

Employers are looking for trained workers in high-need industries and they are struggling to find reliable and knowledgeable people. We know those people are living in our community and we want to make the connection. We care about what is being built in our region, and we also care about how it’s being built and who’s building it. We need regenerative technology, high-road economic practices, and long-term maintenance plans that help us to build a climate-resilient community with community-controlled assets.

Sign up for training!

A certificate is often a requirement for certain positions, and it can lead to far greater career options. We work with local employers to select the most in-demand certifications, and we work with you to fit your schedule and meet your goals.

Sample Trainings Offered

    1. OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour certifications
    3. BPI
    4. NGICP
    5. Solar Panel installation
    6. Financial literacy and job preparedness

For more information regarding location, duration, and upcoming dates —or for any other inquiries—please contact Mike Brundige,, or Rodney Rainey at 716-884-0356 ext. 212.

Rodney Rainey
(PUSH Workforce Coordinator)
716-884-0356 ext. 212